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I have come to the reality that actually sitting down and writing isn't in the cards right now.  And I also realized I really love to write.  Way too much work, laundry, grocery shopping, house keeping uping, and way tooooo many kiddos.  HA!

I love some Instagram and I think most of the world is coming around to that same conclusion.  Just seems to be good clean goodness.

I had a Sunday "sitdown" post that I wanted to try and put out every Sunday.  Maybe when the two year old is older and stops finding markers and coloring the furniture and walls.  Maybe then.  Because lets face it when he goes to sleep all of the above things take precedent.

I feel like I am mostly organized.  I make a list EVERY SINGLE DAY...down to what clothes to wash.  I recently read Capital Gaines and it inspired me.  Not so much exactly right now.  I do feel like we all have seasons of our lives and my season right now is straight up raising kiddos.  Next year the baby heads to 3k and I am sure I will feel a new season coming on having all 4 in school.

I believe in being efficient.  Normally if something isn't going like I know it could or should its time to look at a different way of doing it.  4 kids and 2 dogs and my floors never stayed clean.  At all.  It was beating me down.  I float around like Mary Poppins when the house is clean.  Its puts me in a mood that I can't describe.  Most may think this is an unrealistic expectation with 4 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 horse in the country.  I can't throw in the towel that easily.  So we have a roomba that runs every day.  Yep.  I highly recommend them.  We have one of the top models.  I have never owned any others so I can't compare cheaper versions to more expensive versions.  Lets just say it saves my sanity.  Seriously.  And I have one of those mop and buckets that you step on the pedal and it spins to ring the mop.  We have laminate wood looking floors and I don't care.  You can't put a price on a good mopped clean floor.  I also just "invested" in a cordless Dyson.  Black friday got me.  But those three things are my daily meds...I finally feel like I have a handle and it feels good.  (Clorax wipes are my best friend and you can thank me for their stock price if its good right now...I have no clue).

I love home decor.  I try to play the hashtag games on insta.  My instagram is @diannaglenn.
It was supposed to be markettofarm but I set it up years ago and can't get into it..I've tried every email address and contacted instagram and all they can say is I need whatever email I set it up with.  Oh well...


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

We all know about the anniversary sale going on at Nordstrom...early access for cardholders.  I was lucky enough to get a Nordstrom debit card years ago.  A Nordstrom credit card would be NO GOOD in my hands especially during this sale.  {I don't think they offer the debit card any longer.}

If you don't have a card the sale will be open to you next week.  However some things will be sold out.  They will restock some but not all.

I love love love this sale and look forward to it every year.  Great NEW fall pieces at a discount.

Here are a few things I got.  I will not keep all of them at all.  {I do it every online, try on, and if I don't LOVE, it goes back.}

Also, if Amazon and Nordstrom could get together and not have Prime Day and Anni Sale within 2 days of each other that would be great.    

Click on the "words" and it will take you directly to the item on the Nordstrom website.
{Side note:  pardon my lack of creative link posting...this is not a fashion blog but I feel all moms or others like me could benefit from this sale so I wanted to share.}

Best workout pants EVER!                             
   Main Image - Zella Live In High Waist Leggings       
I will 1000% for sure keep these.  I have two pairs.  One that I have worn (worn out) for 3+ years.  I bought a bigger size while pregnant with Troy and I still wear them today even though they are way too big.  They are that good.        

SPANX® Faux Leather Leggings
 Main Image - SPANX® Faux Leather Leggings
I will more then likely return these.  I bought them because others said this was one of the hottest items on the sale and they would sell out.  I am just not sure how many chances I would have to wear them.  I'll see what they look like and go from there.

Zella Lexi High Waist Relaxed Leggings
Main Image - Zella Lexi High Waist Relaxed Leggings
I hate to even include these because THEY ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT, but just in case there is a restock...if these fit like the Zella black leggings above then I will wear them like once a week.

Halogen V back top       
Main Image - Halogen® V-Back Top (Regular & Petite) 
I kept going back to this top.  Its just cute.  Appropriate for work or anytime I want something besides a tshirt.

Chelsea28 Lace Yoke Tank

   Main Image - Chelsea28 Lace Yoke Tank
I kept going back to this top as well.  Love the color and the style.  Cute top for fall on warmer days.  
Main Image - Lush Raw Edge Side Slit Tee
I bought this in the color hushed violet.  Which I see is already sold out.  I am not a huge fan of pockets on my tees but it looks like a good quality tshirt at a fantastic price.
Main Image - Caslon® Knit Blazer (Regular & Petite)
I purchased this one in the tan-white pattern and its sold out in most sizes.  I have a black blazer from Target that I throw on with jeans and a tshirt for work all during the fall/winter.  Any color would be a great buy for sure.
No jeans for me although there are some great deals on them.  I like Old Navy's Rockstars and I can't cheat on them.  Fit and price can't be beat.  And dresses...if you have a special event this fall/winter go check out the dresses.  Great ones!  I am not going anywhere that I know of where I would need a new dress so they were at the bottom of my priorities.  You can spend $1000's on this sale if you don't prioritize. 
And shoes.  There are some great great buys on shoes...flats, booties, tall boots, even a few sandals. I did not order any shoes because I have the staple ones I like and again it was a priority thing.  However, if you have been needing a staple classic riding boot or a bootie this is the place and the time to invest.     
I did get a few more things...pajamas and bandeau bras.  Again, I know the above selections add up.  Once I get them and try them on I really try to be strict with myself.  If I don't absolutely love then it goes back.  You know those items you have in your closet that you go to again and again and you feel good wearing that.  
Also, I hope to do a separate post but I did listen to the audio book of Magic of Tidying Up.  Although I did not go EXACTLY by the book I really did keep her principles in my head as I have gone through and organized our home from moving in three years ago.  I have always preferred more neutral colored clothes...white, beige, black, navy, gray.  I thought that was weird so I would buy bright colorful tops, etc and they would hang in my closet.  I would always reach for the neutrals.  I started following Living With Landyn.  She keeps a pretty neutral wardrobe.  Between her and the book I did a major closet clean out.  I still did not part with some colorful things but I LOVE walking into my closet now.  And it keeps me from overbuying.  I'd rather spend $20-$30 on a quality great white tshirt that I will wear all the time than have 5 $5 tshirts that take up space and lose shape or don't wash well.  Don't get me wrong, I have a few (white, black, navy) tshirts from Target that do all those things...and I love TJMaxx, Marshalls for clothes and Home Goods for home but if I go to those places I say one or two things.  That's it.  Money is still money and even though it may be a great deal its not free and then I have to store it and go through it later on.  
Lastly, yes I follow mom bloggers, fashion bloggers, home bloggers, etc.  A few of the big name fashion bloggers are more my sisters age.  And more all the things she is...cute as a 5'10" and 120 pounds. So as I was watching instastories the morning the sale started they were ALL going NUTS over this one sweater...first one blogger and I was like ummm thats not that cute...and then another one posted it and another. (and these girls have like a 100,000 followers...they know their stuff).  All the buzz was how this was the most sought after sale item and it would be gone in no time.  WHAT?  
I ALMOST ORDERED IT.  Just because "everybody else was doing it".  Yes this looks cute on these young cute girls.  But I don't know.  Its a little too Charlie Brown meets Mr. Rogers right?  Maybe I'm wrong but once it was in my cart I was like I can't, I will never wear this, I just can't.  
And they were right.  Its gone.  Sold out.  In a day.  I should have got it for my sister for Christmas...I would have been the coolest older sister ever.  Dang it.   
Main Image - Topshop Stripe Colorblock Cardigan

This. Is. Us.

Love the show and stole the name but its perfect.  Everyone and every family has their is ours.

About last night.  So today is our 14th wedding anniversary.  We couldn't do much today because of Joe's schedule so we kind of celebrated last night.  And by kind of I mean kind of.  Our lives are crazy and Joe is not a planner so between 4 kids, work, and my take-it-hour-by-hour schedule at 5:30pm I told him we had cans of tuna and boxes of au gratin potatoes that I would fix for supper.  I was later then I thought getting I walk in the door at 7:30 thinking we were having plan B...and Joe had the potatoes in the oven and was crumbling toasted bread for the tuna patties.  Awesome!  So I jump right in.  Well that in itself was fun because he's a smoker and a griller not a kitchen cook.  Dinner was delicious and it describes us perfectly.  He loaded the dishwasher and washed all the dishes.  Its how he says I love you.  And I love it.

So fast forward to 10pm.  Yep our kids are having a great summer...even the 2 year old stays up.  Whatever.  I go lay down in Kate's room (5 yr old) with the 2 yr old.  Kate in her bed and me on the floor mattress with the 2 year old.  Kate is whining about wanting to lay with me and this and that (more than usual) so I tell her fine go lay with daddy.  He's in our king size bed.  I am not jealous at all.  He's sleeping alone in our king size bed...I am on a bunky mattress on the floor with a still awake 2 year old.  Whatever.  Anywho.  Kate walks into his our room.  Here is where it gets CraZy.  4 kids.  Anything goes.  So apparently she leans into his face to tell him to scoot over.  And then she barfs.  In his face.  And then because that's not good enough.  She starts walking/running somewhere and continues to throw up on the bedroom floor and the bathroom rug.  What the heck.  After the dust settled I had a stern convo with her about how you throw up.  She's 5.  She can do better.  I said please just stay on the hard floor away from beds and rugs and puke.  Right there.  In a pile.  We went over this a few more times because the nights still young and I have no idea if it will happen again.  Joe and I both jumped into action (I heard commotion and ran into the room) cleaning up all the puke...putting stuff in the washer with so much bleach and ALL THE FUN THINGS married couples do on anniversary eve.

We always say we should write a book.  All.  The.  Things.  Honestly I am so thankful I get to do life and family with Joe.  There is just something so magical about raising a family with your husband who is more than your best friend...he's like a mirror image of you.  You feel the same things as you go through the same things and no one else quite understands exactly what the both of you are feeling while going through the things.

Joe was engaged before and I was engaged before.  I had a dream.  Like I HAD A DREAM.  No really it was a turning point for sure.  At 21 in college.  I dreamed I was getting married, wedding day getting married, walking down the aisle getting married.  It was so vivid.  In our big catholic church.  As I started walking down the long aisle I quickly realized the person I was walking to was not my current significant other.  Whoa.  So in my dream my head is scrambling trying to figure out who this boy is.  Hmmm.  He kind of looked like a classmate of mine but it wasn't that person.  Very vivid.  Very real.  As I past the 3rd row from the front there sat my current significant other.  What.  Most of the dream was me trying to figure out this boy I was walking towards.  Woke up the next morning in shock and the biggest gut feeling ever.  Broke off the engagement.  Just like that.  And started hanging out with some hometown friends.

A few months later I met a guy.  Neither of us were crazy about settling down.  Over the next year we had more fun than ever.  We were dating but we did more hanging out with mutual friends, his brothers, their girlfriends, etc all in our hometown.  Everyone started getting engaged and married.  I think we went to, or were in, 50 weddings in the course of a year.  But nothing for us.  We talked marriage but he never pushed go.  I got frustrated feeling left out.  Finally once I just started being patient he proposed.  A year and two weeks later we were married.  July 12, 2003.  Walking up the aisle.  It was my dream and my dream guy.  Not joking.  He has all the vivid features from my past dream.  I can still picture the dream.  And its Joe.  Crazy!  And some divine intervention for sure.

One of Joe's best friends told me one time that he is the "salt of the earth' kind of guy.  (salt of the earth definition, an individual or group considered as representative of the best or noblest elements of society. )
Not that I think I married a king or anything but I sure got a good one.  He is the guy I hope my daughters marry and the guy that I want my sons to be.

This would probably embarrass him so I kept it much shorter than the words in my head.  We all have good guys.  He is def not the only one.  I am just happy I get to do this with him.

I came home this morning from taking the oldest to camp to this.  I know it sounds so cliche BUT this is exactly all the things with us.  Thoughtfulness goes such a long way.  Evidently he went flowering picking this morning.  At our home.  On our land.  You can't buy that.

Here are some pictures of my dress.  I LOVED my dress.  I cried when I took it off after wearing it maybe 11 hours.  I want to wear it again.  IS that weird??
These 3 were taken by my FRIEND Jami at the Cathedral in downtown Dallas.
Side note:  We were a year shy of the digital age so these are pictures of pictures I snapped in the album with my iPhone.

Best day ever...(photos Morgan Photography)

Best wedding party ever!

And we had so much fun!
He had me at our first dance years before this...

This was not the original plan.  And it was the only thing that didn't go exactly as I had pictured.  We were supposed to ride away into the sunset (or 11pm...we were having so much fun and didn't want to leave!!) in a vintage Rolls Royce.  But I missed the confirmation voicemail from the car company the day before on my parents home phone so they cancelled our order...ugh.  Whatever.

When.  Yes, when we do our anniversary party we will try it again!

Thanks to my BFF's dad for coming thru with a really cool getaway car!

Off to our honeymoon...

That was us and THIS IS US.


Fresh house.  Touch up paint on the doors (actually painted entire things), a pressure washed house, a mowed yard, extra green grass thanks to all of our July rain, pretty blue sky after a week of on and off raining...Home.

New Year {updated in July}

I wrote this post in January but kept it in drafts...not sure I have gone through and edited to update and am posting.  Also, I am excited to get started on posting updates of the organizing I have done.  {Updates are in here}

Last year at exactly this same time I said to myself come hell or high water we will get a barn this year.

Ava's passion is leading us down a path I can honestly say I never would have imagined.  Getting this done was no easy task.  For one we are busy people.  So squeezing in the time was crazy.  And then the expense.  That was a doozy to get moving.  Just when I had given up and thought we would have to wait it all started falling into place.   

Here it is

More of my resolution was to inexpensively close in our garage and knock out a wall in our kitchen and then another in the playroom to open up our garage turn it into a family room.  So now the kitchen is open to an area where our farmhouse table sits and once you walk past it you are in  the family room and the family room exits to our patio (old driveway).  {It is still not finished!  And I am not sure when it will be.  I know exactly what furniture I want...I will do an inspo board post on that.} 

Also I resolved to get a handle on our "stuff" in the house.  What could I really do without?  And then ORGANIZE what was left.  Adding shelves as tall as the wall helped tremendously in the laundry room, small closet off playroom, and old dining room.  I took all the kids books and we went through and kept the most cherished. I took all our board games and cut out the lids and put them in big 2 gallon bags so they would fit behind the doors of the bookshelves. And it just goes on and on.  And I am still working on it. 

Resolutions get a bad rap.  But I love them.  I love goals.  I love a fresh start.  So I will keep continuing to organize because I have realized that I really do love it.  I am somewhat passionate about it and you know what they say about things you are passionate about. 

My 2017 goals or resolutions if you will:
Complete the new family room
Complete the barn--we still need a tack room and then organize all that.  Yippee! {Done.  Thanks to some great family members}
Take on a healthy lifestyle for our whole family and start working out again. {Ummm...I should be doing that as I type} 
Keep up with this blog better (post pictures of all my organizing) {you know its only July...better late then never}
Post more to my instagram ~ markettofarmhouse (that community is amazing.  Amazing.  so many wonderful women lifting each other up.  its my jam.) {Doing that but the follower thing is HARD.  People follow you only to market themselves, then unfollow you.  Frustrating.  I try the hashtag thing but its hard to stay on top of you have to stage your photos at least a little.  Its still a goal and I will keep trying.} 

Prep work

I opened up blogger to start a new post and realized I had one in drafts from a few weeks ago that I never finished.  July 12th.  Joe and I's 13th wedding anniversary.  It was a picture from our wedding day.  I had started to type about a dream I had before I met Joe.  A dream.  Doesn't it all start that way.  For me it does.  I am a planner and a dreamer.

When we bought our land and moved we had goals and plans in mind.  Dreams.  One of those was for Ava to be able to have a horse at her house.  Today part of that dream is official. 

The Glenn's are getting a BARN!  It was my New Year's resolution!  No kidding.   

Remember I said I am a dreamer AND a planner.  Once that dream hits my head the wheels start turning and plans start being made.  Literally January 2nd I made my file folder and got to work.  Researching... asking Ava's horse instructors, paying close attention to barns where she rides, asking name it and I was researching it.  And everything I found I would discuss with Joe.  From there we had a basic footprint in our heads.  Then we had to find contractors and get bids and quotes and everything in between.  Except for a few weeks I did something that had to do with the barn.  And yes it has taken this long. 

I will post as we go but so far we have cleared out quite a bit of our land for pasture (or paddock).  And of course, a spot for the barn.  The pad has been set and forms are up.  Concrete is next.  Hopefully it is poured next week. 

We have ordered the actual metal building.  I am excited and nervous because we did go with a color and trim that we have not seen in person or anywhere around here. 

Stay tuned for more posts over the next few weeks!


Goin' for broke and we're gonna be rich
Watch the sun settin' on the ridge
Baby tell me what you think about this...........

Calling all Chicken People

When we began our journey out of a neighborhood and on to a little land we had 3 goals in mind.  They were unintentional to some extent.  When we realized our oldest was going to be a "horse girl" at around 4 years old we knew our home in the city was not permanent.  And we knew our next house would be on land.  In January of 2012 when our youngest daughter was a little over 1 JG and I both knew it was time to start making our new dreams a reality.  Now that our youngest son is 1 we have set out to put into place our "top 3" goals. 

Finding land, building a house, and adding one more little one has taken 3 years :).

We are looking at chicken coops. 

The price ranges have me puzzled. The top is around $1000 depending on options  ( and the bottom is $232 (  Hmmmm.  Is this really a case of you get what you pay for?  We are looking at space for around 6 chickens.

Chickens are a very hot topic issue.  The chicken people seem to love it and the non-chicken people seem to think the chicken people are crazy for doing it. 

So my question is for the chicken people.  Tell me you top 3 words of advice in the comments below!