Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

We all know about the anniversary sale going on at Nordstrom...early access for cardholders.  I was lucky enough to get a Nordstrom debit card years ago.  A Nordstrom credit card would be NO GOOD in my hands especially during this sale.  {I don't think they offer the debit card any longer.}

If you don't have a card the sale will be open to you next week.  However some things will be sold out.  They will restock some but not all.

I love love love this sale and look forward to it every year.  Great NEW fall pieces at a discount.

Here are a few things I got.  I will not keep all of them at all.  {I do it every online, try on, and if I don't LOVE, it goes back.}

Also, if Amazon and Nordstrom could get together and not have Prime Day and Anni Sale within 2 days of each other that would be great.    

Click on the "words" and it will take you directly to the item on the Nordstrom website.
{Side note:  pardon my lack of creative link posting...this is not a fashion blog but I feel all moms or others like me could benefit from this sale so I wanted to share.}

Best workout pants EVER!                             
   Main Image - Zella Live In High Waist Leggings       
I will 1000% for sure keep these.  I have two pairs.  One that I have worn (worn out) for 3+ years.  I bought a bigger size while pregnant with Troy and I still wear them today even though they are way too big.  They are that good.        

SPANX® Faux Leather Leggings
 Main Image - SPANX® Faux Leather Leggings
I will more then likely return these.  I bought them because others said this was one of the hottest items on the sale and they would sell out.  I am just not sure how many chances I would have to wear them.  I'll see what they look like and go from there.

Zella Lexi High Waist Relaxed Leggings
Main Image - Zella Lexi High Waist Relaxed Leggings
I hate to even include these because THEY ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT, but just in case there is a restock...if these fit like the Zella black leggings above then I will wear them like once a week.

Halogen V back top       
Main Image - Halogen® V-Back Top (Regular & Petite) 
I kept going back to this top.  Its just cute.  Appropriate for work or anytime I want something besides a tshirt.

Chelsea28 Lace Yoke Tank

   Main Image - Chelsea28 Lace Yoke Tank
I kept going back to this top as well.  Love the color and the style.  Cute top for fall on warmer days.  
Main Image - Lush Raw Edge Side Slit Tee
I bought this in the color hushed violet.  Which I see is already sold out.  I am not a huge fan of pockets on my tees but it looks like a good quality tshirt at a fantastic price.
Main Image - Caslon® Knit Blazer (Regular & Petite)
I purchased this one in the tan-white pattern and its sold out in most sizes.  I have a black blazer from Target that I throw on with jeans and a tshirt for work all during the fall/winter.  Any color would be a great buy for sure.
No jeans for me although there are some great deals on them.  I like Old Navy's Rockstars and I can't cheat on them.  Fit and price can't be beat.  And dresses...if you have a special event this fall/winter go check out the dresses.  Great ones!  I am not going anywhere that I know of where I would need a new dress so they were at the bottom of my priorities.  You can spend $1000's on this sale if you don't prioritize. 
And shoes.  There are some great great buys on shoes...flats, booties, tall boots, even a few sandals. I did not order any shoes because I have the staple ones I like and again it was a priority thing.  However, if you have been needing a staple classic riding boot or a bootie this is the place and the time to invest.     
I did get a few more things...pajamas and bandeau bras.  Again, I know the above selections add up.  Once I get them and try them on I really try to be strict with myself.  If I don't absolutely love then it goes back.  You know those items you have in your closet that you go to again and again and you feel good wearing that.  
Also, I hope to do a separate post but I did listen to the audio book of Magic of Tidying Up.  Although I did not go EXACTLY by the book I really did keep her principles in my head as I have gone through and organized our home from moving in three years ago.  I have always preferred more neutral colored clothes...white, beige, black, navy, gray.  I thought that was weird so I would buy bright colorful tops, etc and they would hang in my closet.  I would always reach for the neutrals.  I started following Living With Landyn.  She keeps a pretty neutral wardrobe.  Between her and the book I did a major closet clean out.  I still did not part with some colorful things but I LOVE walking into my closet now.  And it keeps me from overbuying.  I'd rather spend $20-$30 on a quality great white tshirt that I will wear all the time than have 5 $5 tshirts that take up space and lose shape or don't wash well.  Don't get me wrong, I have a few (white, black, navy) tshirts from Target that do all those things...and I love TJMaxx, Marshalls for clothes and Home Goods for home but if I go to those places I say one or two things.  That's it.  Money is still money and even though it may be a great deal its not free and then I have to store it and go through it later on.  
Lastly, yes I follow mom bloggers, fashion bloggers, home bloggers, etc.  A few of the big name fashion bloggers are more my sisters age.  And more all the things she is...cute as a 5'10" and 120 pounds. So as I was watching instastories the morning the sale started they were ALL going NUTS over this one sweater...first one blogger and I was like ummm thats not that cute...and then another one posted it and another. (and these girls have like a 100,000 followers...they know their stuff).  All the buzz was how this was the most sought after sale item and it would be gone in no time.  WHAT?  
I ALMOST ORDERED IT.  Just because "everybody else was doing it".  Yes this looks cute on these young cute girls.  But I don't know.  Its a little too Charlie Brown meets Mr. Rogers right?  Maybe I'm wrong but once it was in my cart I was like I can't, I will never wear this, I just can't.  
And they were right.  Its gone.  Sold out.  In a day.  I should have got it for my sister for Christmas...I would have been the coolest older sister ever.  Dang it.   
Main Image - Topshop Stripe Colorblock Cardigan


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