I picked the paint color and...

I like LOVE it!!!
Yay.  Thank you Zaco Creations (http://zacocreations.com/) owner, Courtney, for the suggestion.  And I also love the porch ceilings and actually picked that myself...with the help of the hubs of course.
{Exterior=SW Snowbound, Porch Ceiling=SW Atmospheric}

If this does not look like your "country home" I don't know what does! 

Sheet rock is staged!  Things are about to get busy and crazy!

Our view from the master bedroom...perfection.

I say, just go for it!

"Your home is your sanctuary.  It should reflect the EMOTIONS YOU WANT to surround yourself with". ~Joy Cho

ahhh...the floors

And last but not least....


White is White, Right?

I am about ready to throw in the towel!  I have pinned and pinned and googled and googled until I'm blue (or white) in the face.  I need a classic white paint color for the outside of the house and the inside trim and kitchen cabinets.  I do not want beige or cream nor do I want too bright of a white that it has blue undertones.  Just a nice clean crisp white.  Please help!!

(feel free to leave a comment or send a private message via our facebook page if you have any suggestions). 

Thanks in advance!!

      (sans the halloween motif going on here)

Trimming Trees

We knew when we bought this land that we had our work "CUT" out for us.  We loved all the trees but they pretty much all need some trimming up.  Here is a before and after picture of Joe's hard work last weekend.  You'll also notice how the house is coming along in the background.  I have to say I am giddy with excitement to actually walk through each room and really picture us there. 
We love the layout and can't wait to start making memories there.