New Year {updated in July}

I wrote this post in January but kept it in drafts...not sure I have gone through and edited to update and am posting.  Also, I am excited to get started on posting updates of the organizing I have done.  {Updates are in here}

Last year at exactly this same time I said to myself come hell or high water we will get a barn this year.

Ava's passion is leading us down a path I can honestly say I never would have imagined.  Getting this done was no easy task.  For one we are busy people.  So squeezing in the time was crazy.  And then the expense.  That was a doozy to get moving.  Just when I had given up and thought we would have to wait it all started falling into place.   

Here it is

More of my resolution was to inexpensively close in our garage and knock out a wall in our kitchen and then another in the playroom to open up our garage turn it into a family room.  So now the kitchen is open to an area where our farmhouse table sits and once you walk past it you are in  the family room and the family room exits to our patio (old driveway).  {It is still not finished!  And I am not sure when it will be.  I know exactly what furniture I want...I will do an inspo board post on that.} 

Also I resolved to get a handle on our "stuff" in the house.  What could I really do without?  And then ORGANIZE what was left.  Adding shelves as tall as the wall helped tremendously in the laundry room, small closet off playroom, and old dining room.  I took all the kids books and we went through and kept the most cherished. I took all our board games and cut out the lids and put them in big 2 gallon bags so they would fit behind the doors of the bookshelves. And it just goes on and on.  And I am still working on it. 

Resolutions get a bad rap.  But I love them.  I love goals.  I love a fresh start.  So I will keep continuing to organize because I have realized that I really do love it.  I am somewhat passionate about it and you know what they say about things you are passionate about. 

My 2017 goals or resolutions if you will:
Complete the new family room
Complete the barn--we still need a tack room and then organize all that.  Yippee! {Done.  Thanks to some great family members}
Take on a healthy lifestyle for our whole family and start working out again. {Ummm...I should be doing that as I type} 
Keep up with this blog better (post pictures of all my organizing) {you know its only July...better late then never}
Post more to my instagram ~ markettofarmhouse (that community is amazing.  Amazing.  so many wonderful women lifting each other up.  its my jam.) {Doing that but the follower thing is HARD.  People follow you only to market themselves, then unfollow you.  Frustrating.  I try the hashtag thing but its hard to stay on top of you have to stage your photos at least a little.  Its still a goal and I will keep trying.} 

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