Local Honey bees....

Just another day in the life of our adventure.  Of course honey bees are not partial to country life but I am starting to think every day out here will be something new. 

We discovered this today in one of our bird houses.

We called a local honey company to see if they could remove them.  We found out it would be a week before they could come look.  A local pest control company was able to come right away and with his bee suit on and took it out. 

This is what was in there. 

Even though it was a minor inconvenience in a very busy week I am happy the kiddos get to see this...and taste honey that is about as local as you can get! 

a few of my favorite things....

My Kate obsession....
I purchased this one from Lord and Taylor...under $25 shipped. 
Thanks to Kate's Closet for the repliKate tip!
I purchased this pair on Etsy for $20. 
Thanks again to Kate's Closet for the repliKate!
My "keep the baby asleep" obsession....
Latchy Catchy...

With a new little one in the house and 3 bigger little ones this has been a life saver.  The door still closes all the way but you don't hear that CLICK. 
(You know the click that always wakes a sleeping baby...firecrackers go off, baby still sleeps, door closes softly but clicks at the end, baby is awake.) 
I also have them on the hall closet, the master bath and bed and the kids bathroom doors. 
My soap obsession....
Great great soap and family owned company.  Like seriously family owned---kids milking goats and all.  I do not promote harsh child labor but kids working and being involved in what makes the family run...YES absolutely.
My list, planning, and staying as organized as possible obsession....

I can not remember exactly how I came across Emily Ley.  She is all that she claims to be.  And the way that she perceives organization is wonderful. 
Finding inspiration....


We are having a sprinkler system installed today and grass will soon follow  We have had more mud then I can handle in a year so we are all very excited about this.  The grass now is winter rye which will die soon and what is left is mud.  We did have a few areas of bermuda that came up on its own this past spring but would take years to spread.  I don't think you appreciate the value of grass until you've done without it...and had kids and a dog.

I was able to plant a few flowers this past weekend.  Its amazing what just a little color does.

Joe and Jackson worked hard all winter.  Pulling dead trees out of the creek and cutting and splitting them for firewood.  We had some great fires this winter!

And we are keeping the kids busy this spring and summer too.  Always getting them to help with this or that!

Our blue birds are back!  They have nested and babies have started to hatch!!!

"The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes."  
-Harold B. Lee
(I might add just right outside those walls too.)