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I opened up blogger to start a new post and realized I had one in drafts from a few weeks ago that I never finished.  July 12th.  Joe and I's 13th wedding anniversary.  It was a picture from our wedding day.  I had started to type about a dream I had before I met Joe.  A dream.  Doesn't it all start that way.  For me it does.  I am a planner and a dreamer.

When we bought our land and moved we had goals and plans in mind.  Dreams.  One of those was for Ava to be able to have a horse at her house.  Today part of that dream is official. 

The Glenn's are getting a BARN!  It was my New Year's resolution!  No kidding.   

Remember I said I am a dreamer AND a planner.  Once that dream hits my head the wheels start turning and plans start being made.  Literally January 2nd I made my file folder and got to work.  Researching... asking Ava's horse instructors, paying close attention to barns where she rides, asking name it and I was researching it.  And everything I found I would discuss with Joe.  From there we had a basic footprint in our heads.  Then we had to find contractors and get bids and quotes and everything in between.  Except for a few weeks I did something that had to do with the barn.  And yes it has taken this long. 

I will post as we go but so far we have cleared out quite a bit of our land for pasture (or paddock).  And of course, a spot for the barn.  The pad has been set and forms are up.  Concrete is next.  Hopefully it is poured next week. 

We have ordered the actual metal building.  I am excited and nervous because we did go with a color and trim that we have not seen in person or anywhere around here. 

Stay tuned for more posts over the next few weeks!


Goin' for broke and we're gonna be rich
Watch the sun settin' on the ridge
Baby tell me what you think about this...........

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