Calling all Chicken People

When we began our journey out of a neighborhood and on to a little land we had 3 goals in mind.  They were unintentional to some extent.  When we realized our oldest was going to be a "horse girl" at around 4 years old we knew our home in the city was not permanent.  And we knew our next house would be on land.  In January of 2012 when our youngest daughter was a little over 1 JG and I both knew it was time to start making our new dreams a reality.  Now that our youngest son is 1 we have set out to put into place our "top 3" goals. 

Finding land, building a house, and adding one more little one has taken 3 years :).

We are looking at chicken coops. 

The price ranges have me puzzled. The top is around $1000 depending on options  ( and the bottom is $232 (  Hmmmm.  Is this really a case of you get what you pay for?  We are looking at space for around 6 chickens.

Chickens are a very hot topic issue.  The chicken people seem to love it and the non-chicken people seem to think the chicken people are crazy for doing it. 

So my question is for the chicken people.  Tell me you top 3 words of advice in the comments below! 

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