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I have come to the reality that actually sitting down and writing isn't in the cards right now.  And I also realized I really love to write.  Way too much work, laundry, grocery shopping, house keeping uping, and way tooooo many kiddos.  HA!

I love some Instagram and I think most of the world is coming around to that same conclusion.  Just seems to be good clean goodness.

I had a Sunday "sitdown" post that I wanted to try and put out every Sunday.  Maybe when the two year old is older and stops finding markers and coloring the furniture and walls.  Maybe then.  Because lets face it when he goes to sleep all of the above things take precedent.

I feel like I am mostly organized.  I make a list EVERY SINGLE DAY...down to what clothes to wash.  I recently read Capital Gaines and it inspired me.  Not so much exactly right now.  I do feel like we all have seasons of our lives and my season right now is straight up raising kiddos.  Next year the baby heads to 3k and I am sure I will feel a new season coming on having all 4 in school.

I believe in being efficient.  Normally if something isn't going like I know it could or should its time to look at a different way of doing it.  4 kids and 2 dogs and my floors never stayed clean.  At all.  It was beating me down.  I float around like Mary Poppins when the house is clean.  Its puts me in a mood that I can't describe.  Most may think this is an unrealistic expectation with 4 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 horse in the country.  I can't throw in the towel that easily.  So we have a roomba that runs every day.  Yep.  I highly recommend them.  We have one of the top models.  I have never owned any others so I can't compare cheaper versions to more expensive versions.  Lets just say it saves my sanity.  Seriously.  And I have one of those mop and buckets that you step on the pedal and it spins to ring the mop.  We have laminate wood looking floors and I don't care.  You can't put a price on a good mopped clean floor.  I also just "invested" in a cordless Dyson.  Black friday got me.  But those three things are my daily meds...I finally feel like I have a handle and it feels good.  (Clorax wipes are my best friend and you can thank me for their stock price if its good right now...I have no clue).

I love home decor.  I try to play the hashtag games on insta.  My instagram is @diannaglenn.
It was supposed to be markettofarm but I set it up years ago and can't get into it..I've tried every email address and contacted instagram and all they can say is I need whatever email I set it up with.  Oh well...


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