Someone else's trash

 In our case someone else's trash is not our treasure.  It is a LOT of our hard work.  A mobile home used to sit at the front of our land next to the trees below.  I am thinking the owners of this mobile home did not have trash cans or did not like to use them.  There was water bottles, beer bottles, food cans, etc all over the place in this area.  When they moved the mobile home they did not bother taking their trash with them.  Guess they were never big into Girl Scouts..."always leave a place cleaner then you found it".  We've picked it up and loaded it on a trailer for the dump.  The trees also need some shaping up so we are in the process of doing that too. 

Off to the left is an inset next to the creek.  I see a picnic table and a fire pit in its near future...and SMORES!  And once we have electricity I plan to string a few clear globe lights in the trees.  I'll get pictures of the inset the next time I am there.  It will be something we can enjoy on the property while the house is coming along.

Now, to buy a tractor?

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