John Deere Green

Does it get any better than this? Doing what we love and lovin what we do.....
Joe was able to make a ton of headway with a small little tractor. We are probably breaking every safety warning in the book but the kids were too excited about riding on the tractor. Kate even joined in the fun.

The real person in charge.
Burn piles, burn piles, and more burn piles.  We still are not cutting down any trees except those to make the road to the house and the actual house site.  Also, any trees that are already dead.  The majority of this burn pile is trees that we trimmed up.  Its amazing the progress we have made.

We did stop and take a little break, dug a hole, built a fire, and roasted wienies.  YUM!

This concrete horse was left on the property by the previous owners.  She needs a little touch up work.  Ava is super excited about getting her all fixed up.


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