Trailer pulling

The ladies in my family are known for their strength.  Most of you may think emotional or motherly strength.  Well, they absolutely have that....but something more surprising is their physical strength.  The ladies above me can turn circles around some women.  They pump their own gas, can rearrange a room by themselves (even with stairs involved), will drive a tractor, motorcycle, bobtail all in a day, and will haul all the kids across the state by themselves if need be.  My point is they are beautiful women who love to dress up, fix their hair, and make up their pretty faces, but they will also get as dirty as any man.  They don't limit themselves because a task may be considered a man's job.  So, when Joe asked me to drive his truck with a teeny tiny trailer attached and pick up a load of gravel for our driveway...I jumped at the chance...
(and while I was saying yes I went through the route I would have to drive a hundred times in my head making sure I could do it all without backing).   
PS, I know there are many women out there who pull horse trailers or drive 18 wheelers like they have been doing it since birth and can probably back into the tiniest spots...but not me...NOT YET :)
I think I see horse trailers in our future.

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