Excuse me, can you tell me where the "tick-b-gone" is?

Well, no where of course.  Duh.  I was just joking silly lady behind the pharmacy counter. 

I know you can just pull it right off with tweezers!! Duh (again)
(or that's what google said to do once I looked it up).


Earlier that day I had felt of my one year old's head.  Thought she had a little scab maybe from a mosquito bite the weekend before (I know...bad mom).  That evening at the grocery store I felt her head again as she sat in the shopping cart.  Same scab.  Well, this time I titled her head and looked.  OMG.  Legs moved.  Gross.  Freak out.  Call mom.  Mom calls grandma.  Put a match to it.  No wait, rub oil on it.  Go to the pharmacy and ask for drops.  OK.  Deal.  I left isle 9 and headed straight to the pharmacy.  After I asked for the "drops", the man and lady behind the counter chuckled and I wheeled away grabbing for my phone to google tick removal.  For about 3 seconds I seriously contemplated leaving my basket full of groceries and heading out the door to get the tick removed.  If it wasn't for running into my aunt (my moms sister who also grew up in the country) I would have.  She calmly said it was no big deal and that they (her and her 4 siblings) got them all the time.  Umm, ok.

I don't think I have ever finished shopping so fast in my life.  I barely got the groceries in the house and went straight for the tweezers.  And the jar filled with alcohol.  (My grandma said to keep the tick in the jar of alcohol just in case any symptoms came up in my youngest... OK...  thanks grandma...that helps.)

Pulled once, nothing.  That little gross creature had a hold on my baby's head.  Pulled harder and ta-da.  Tick went straight into the alcohol and I poured more on top of him and WATCHED HIM DIE.

The End.



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