a little washstand

A washstand or basin stand is a piece of furniture consisting of a small table or cabinet, usually supported on three or four legs, and most commonly made of mahogany, walnut, or rosewood, and made for holding a wash basin and water pitcher. The smaller varieties were used for rose-water ablutions, or for hair-powdering. The larger ones, which possessed receptacles for soap-dishes, were the predecessors of the modern bathroom wash basin, or sink. Both varieties, often of very elegant form, were in extensive use throughout a large part of the 18th century and early-19th century, eventually disappearing with the advent of modern indoor plumbing.[

This is the one I bought for $40 from a "haul off" store.  Wasn't sure if the guy selling it was pulling my leg but I purchased it anyway.  He told me a 94 year old man had them pick it up.  I was happy to know it really was a washstand after looking at them online.  Honestly, I couldn't imagine it could be anything else.  When you put a bowl on it its the perfect height. 

Not quite sure where it will go (it is pretty short, shorter than it appears) and if I will just clean it up or paint it but the history behind it is pretty neat. 

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