Tractor problems

We needed to retrieve our game camera card yesterday. So Troy and the girls and I took the tractor to the "back" of our property. I would rather walk but Troy is weighing around 27 pounds these days and it's back breaking to carry him that far.
You see where this is going. After all the heavy rains and our property being in a lower area it is still quite muddy. I knew this and kept to the left in this particular area on the way there. 
On the way back Troy was done with his tractor ride and was a little squirmy. No excuses thought right?  I hate and I mean hate being the girl who did this!  It's so cliche and I could just hear Joe. It was getting dark so we abandoned the tractor. Joe was actually sympathetic and not angry at all. Instead he gave me a few pointers knowing I would try to get it out today. 
4 wheel drive. Who knew. I just assumed (I know remove the u...blah blah...and the d...blah) that a tractor was auto 4 wheel drive. 
I headed back to the back this morning. Put this sucker in 4 wheel drive and with the help of this board and a little maneuvering (and a little praying) I got it out!  Woo hoo!!  Our neighbors aren't too close but if they heard excessive cheering this morning it was me. 

I kind of feel like I redeemed my card. You know. The "I'll try to do anything a man can do" card.  The women in my family are that way. And I love it!  (Yes I know I got it stuck to begin with but I was going to give it my all to fix my mess.) 
Now to clean up the tractor and semi repair these massive ruts. 
All in a day. All in a day. 

The icing on the cake was several pics like this from the game camera card.


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