I picked the paint color and...

I like LOVE it!!!
Yay.  Thank you Zaco Creations (http://zacocreations.com/) owner, Courtney, for the suggestion.  And I also love the porch ceilings and actually picked that myself...with the help of the hubs of course.
{Exterior=SW Snowbound, Porch Ceiling=SW Atmospheric}

If this does not look like your "country home" I don't know what does! 

Sheet rock is staged!  Things are about to get busy and crazy!

Our view from the master bedroom...perfection.


  1. LOVE the color! Love the VIEW even more!

  2. Hi Dianna-- Realizing this blog post was made years ago, so not sure if you are still monitoring, but I do have a question. We just painted our new house SW Snowbound and there is a pretty noticeable pink tint to it. Wondering if you noticed the same on the exterior of your house? It looks beautiful btw, pink tint or not!

    1. Hello! Yes I do still monitor...I just can't find the time to blog like I would love to. I am SO sorry that the color did not turn out like you had hoped. I do not see a pink tint to our house. Have you landscaped, etc yet? Also, through my white paint journey I did discover that your location has something to do with how the white looks. And just so you know...we painted all of our interior cabinets, doors, and trim BM white dove. However we mixed it at SW. Which I now know is a big no no. SW, BM and all other places start with different bases so they really can't "color match" each other especially when it comes to white. I actually hope to repaint in years to come. Its not unlivable but its not what I had pictured. I can completely relate to how you feel seeing pink. I see dingy yellow. Not bright white like I had hoped.