In a nutshell that is about all I have to say.  PAINT.  I have been studying it for days now.  Can't sleep without dreaming (or nightmaring) about paint.  Ridiculous. 

So to keep from sounding to negative I have definitely narrowed down my choices. And I am really excited to have a white kitchen.  

front runner = BM White Dove
close 2nd= BM Simply White

maybe = SW Divine White

Oh but I am not done yet.  Still have 2 samples waiting for me at SW.  The Divine White and a 50/50 mix of BM White Dove and BM Glacier White. 

My kitchen looks like a spotted cow (a white on white spotted cow).

I have tried SW Snowbound, SW Pure White, SW Westhighland White, BM Cloud White...and a few others that I instantly weeded out and have forgotten their names. 

Whites and I have become pretty close lately.  But at the end of the day I have to be sure.  This will be kitchen cabinet color as well as all doors and trim through the whole house, stairs, mantel.  No stain.  I am sure you understand.  Its an expensive mistake to mess this up! 

Good news...the downstairs bath, and all kids rooms are chosen. 

This White paint...its an animal.  By this time next week it will be all over and I will have to live with my decision.  And I am SOOO ready for that.

Here are some pics of our progress! 
The sheet rock has been installed and is tape/bedded/and textured.  To keep in line with our budget we went with a very light orange peel.  Best choice when you want the untextured look but do not have the budget for the walls to be hand sanded.

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