We are having a sprinkler system installed today and grass will soon follow  We have had more mud then I can handle in a year so we are all very excited about this.  The grass now is winter rye which will die soon and what is left is mud.  We did have a few areas of bermuda that came up on its own this past spring but would take years to spread.  I don't think you appreciate the value of grass until you've done without it...and had kids and a dog.

I was able to plant a few flowers this past weekend.  Its amazing what just a little color does.

Joe and Jackson worked hard all winter.  Pulling dead trees out of the creek and cutting and splitting them for firewood.  We had some great fires this winter!

And we are keeping the kids busy this spring and summer too.  Always getting them to help with this or that!

Our blue birds are back!  They have nested and babies have started to hatch!!!

"The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes."  
-Harold B. Lee
(I might add just right outside those walls too.)

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