Hello March!

I am not quite sure where November, December, January, and February went but I know we were busy doing this or that.  From a 2nd birthday party to moving to Thanksgiving to decorating for Christmas to Christmas festivities to taking down Christmas to finally unpacking to putting a few things on the walls to raising 3 kids...Oh there those months are.  We blinked. 
Ahhh, but I finally feel like I have been able to breathe...just a tad.  We are not finished unpacking.  The "craft room" upstairs is still very packed with boxes of decor and picture frames that I have not decided if I will use or not.  Also the garage has this or that to go through.  But for the most part we've made HUGE progress.  The kids rooms are done...even pictures on the wall and closets organized.  Joe and I still have projects to do that we just didn't get done while building the house but my vision is a little clearer now. 
Our shutters should arrive any day.  I had to put  those off for a few months.  I literally could not make one more decision or purchase one more thing.  So we ordered them a few weeks ago and I think the front of the house will go up a notch or two once they are installed. 
We received quite a bit of sleet here in Texas yesterday.  No school for the kiddos today and I am working from home.  I snapped some pics this morning before the sun got to work melting the layer of ice.       

View from the front porch looking out.

Please pardon the cluster of boxes on the back porch.  One of the cons of country living...its not as easy to have a garage sale.  This is our garage sale pile along with a storage building in town.  We should have it gone in March :)  I'm recruiting family/friends in town to let me use their driveways.

View from the back porch looking out.

View from the balcony in the back of the house.

View from the upstairs window in the front of the house.

We are currently working on the 10 page application form for our wildlife ag exemption.  We are mostly concentrating on birds but we will also have a deer feeder in the back.  Joe built 4 bird houses himself and he installed a total of 6.  We are targeting bluebirds but have not seen any until today.  I snapped these pics of our little bluebird.  Joe is thrilled.  I guess when you work hard on something, no matter what it is, you get a little excited when it works out.   

After we finish the wildlife exemption form and make sure we have our bird houses and feeders going Joe is going to start on his shed/barn.  He's building it himself on lumber we had left from the house and pieces we've picked up here or there.  Once this is done I think I will finally be able to park my car in our garage!  Hopefully while he's working on that I can start on some landscaping. 

Our garden and chicken coop will definitely be waiting until next year.  But that's ok.  Trust me, we have plenty to do at the moment.   I am happy to finally feel like we can breathe and start making our memories in our new place.  Oh, and the white dove paint is growing on me.  Provides a bit of softness I think the house needed....:)  That is all. 

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