We have had a contract on our house in the city for a couple of weeks now.  Every time I even let myself think about packing my heart starts to beat fast and my breath shortens.  It seems like the most overwhelming task I will have to accomplish yet. 

Well, we hit a hiccup in the road with inspection this week.  Our roof and a few other things did not inspect as well.  I panicked... BUT wait God were getting so worked up over packing...

ah ha!

Lesson learned.  We are so quick to gripe about what lies before us, but coupled with the struggle is usually exactly where we want to be.  Once I saw the vision slipping away I never wanted to pack so bad in my life :)

Hiccups seemed to be worked out.  New roof is coming soon. 

I am still planning and looking forward and definitely embracing the transitions that lie ahead!  My heart now races with excitement verses anxiety. 

Continually accepting HIS guiding hand....

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